weClouder Privacy Policy

Welcome to weClouder. We look forward to provide you with the most unique and professional customization services to travel. This privacy protection policy is weClouder an integral part of the service agreement. When you registered to weClouder.com, it means that you have agreed to this privacy policy (this will occasionally update from time to time). We respect and  protect users' privacy. Before you use weClouder services, please read the following guidelines carefully.

I: User Information

The official website of weClouder.com to respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of the user. In addition to the privacy governance without your prior permission, this information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties, except in the following cases:
1. In order to obtain more services, user agrees to share information to third parties;
2. To enjoy products and services agree to disclose your personal information;
3. According to the relevant laws and regulations;
4. According to the requirements of the relevant judicial or government authorities;
5. Due to hacking or your account was lost, which can lead to illegal activities;
6. Because your account is shared with others, which can lead to the disclosure of your personal information;
7. The user violates weClouder terms of service.

II: Access and Business Information

Users fill out their name, email, verification code and click "send" to complete the registration procedure, indicating that they clearly know 1)  the facts set out in this privacy policy, 2)  reached an agreement with weClouder, and 3) accept all of the terms of service. After registration, you will have a user ID and password. For security reasons, weClouder will collect the user's IP address and will be removed after making sure there are no safety problems. Collected data is used to access the page throughout the day to analyze website traffic and to improve the website services.

III: Email and SMS Services

weClouder reserves the right of the following: through email or SMS to send order, promotions and more to registered users and reserved customers. If you register or book on weClouder.com, it you means that you have accepted this service by default. You can unsubscribe this information on your settings page.

IV: Security

Our website has appropriate security measures in place to ensure no loss of information at our disposal will not be abused or altered. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and the user passwords encrypted. Although we have these safety measures, please note that "perfect security" does not exist on the Internet. Please properly protect your personal information; do not share to others. If users find any illegal use of your account or security hole, please contact weClouder immediately; therefore, we can adopt corresponding measures to reduce your loss.

V: Partners

We chose the third party with good reputation as our partners to provide information and services to our users. Once you visit their websites via clicking the link on weClouder.com, the privacy of weClouder is terminated. Every partner has their own privacy; we recommend that you check their privacy policy online.

VI: Underage Considerations

If you are under 18 years of age, you have no right to use our company services independently, we hope that you will not provide us any personal information. You can only, however, be accompanied by a parent or guardian to use our company services. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will make every effort to protect your privacy.

VII: All Rights Reserved

1. Information on weClouder.com includes all but not limited to words, pictures, icons, chart, music, videos, logo, layout, data, software, database, etc. (unless otherwise specified in the website) are all protected by the RPOC Copyright Law, PRC Trademark Law, and other international conventions related to copyright, trademarks, patent, property ownership rights, etc.
2. Any commercial exploitation of weClouder data (including limited copy, links, usurpation or reprint) without prior written consent shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.
3. Any individual products created by weClouder (including scheduling, selected tourist spots, service content or other information) are banned from plagiarizing by groups and individuals.
4. Some contents in weClouder searched from the Internet are difficult to identify, which make us impossible to confirm the identification copyright or authenticity. If there are any problems caused by this issue, please contact us; we will delete or edit after verification.
5. Without permission, it is not allowed to enter computer information network or use its resources. It is also not to delete, alter or add functions of computer information network. In addition, it is not allowed to deliberately create or transmit viruses or other actions that may harm the safety of information network.
6. Actions of unfair competition in violation of the principle of good faith, malicious ordering, bogus transactions or other actions are prohibited.
7. Other actions unrelated to online transaction.

VIII: Other

1. Cookie is the text file in your access device made by the web server, which would help to save information and simplify the process of writing personal information in subsequent accesses. You are authorized to accept or reject using Cookies, and if the browser accepts Cookies automatically, you can change the browser setting in order to reject the use of Cookies.
2. weClouder makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, safety, betimes or Internet service, to meet all requirements of users as well.
3. weClouder assumes no responsibility to the network outages or other issues caused by major or other incontrollable reasons. However, we shall try our best to diminish the losses or impacts of customers.
4. In reference to the Privacy Policy, it should be in line with the national laws of the country including some controversial contents in the policy. Customers and weClouder submit to the jurisdiction of the courts. If any terms of service may contravene the law, they would be redefined based on the laws while other terms still have legal effect and influence for customers. Any dispute caused during the booking for products of weClouder, we accept the jurisdiction of the Shanghai Court.