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For a few minutes at weClouder, you can:

Customize a Creative Travel or Holiday Relaxation

Enjoy an Easy Casual or Simple Luxurious Voyage

Encounter a Variety of Like-Minded Friends


Denominated in real original
Total travel = ticket price + service charges

Total Travel Costs

This includes weClouder services for travel fees. It may also be more cost-effective than your reservation, and you also receive free travel planner for remote assistance.

Ticket Price

Accommodation, tickets and activities of all the original papers will be provided by weClouder.

Service Charge

Planners will help you to save your time and money. You pay a service fee accounted for 10% of the total travel costs.


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
– Henry Miller


Everyone will have various expectations for travel before they begin.

Whether it is exotic temptation or curiosity about the world in a carefree village, in a bustling city, or in a magnificent natural landscape, travel means to build a connection between travelers and the destinationfor establishing a common understanding.

The level of travel is not depended on the costs of selected routes and funding decisions. Each individual’s travel itinerary can have its own unique perspective.


For efficient service to complete customization, select destination-select module-easy decision.

Start Planning Your Travels

There is a unique perspective, the spirit of place and interesting people. Begin looking for your empathy!

Select Your Journey and Start Customizing

Choose your destination and book either an ordinary package or a luxury package. Agree with weClouder’s terms and services before paying the cost.

Travel Planners One-on-One

Understand the individual requirements and offer guide routes.weClouderwill also provide full custom travel services for you. weClouder will also provide full custom travel services for you.


When you experience the extraordinary, don’t forget the beauty of the world. weClouder will be ready to implement remote assistance for your protection. We will be happy to solve your problems.


Congratulations, you have become a family member of weClouder. Cherishing unexpected surprises of many cultures is not only throughout this journey but also in your life!