Christian Schittich / 独步天下的建筑媒体人


In Europe, there is a saying: the devil is in the details. I have always believed that the nature of architecture is the same. Design is a complete process, which needs to be processed locally and integrated with the whole connection. The details are not only attached to the architecture ontology, but also independent of the building, reflecting the social and cultural issues. The design of architectural details should not only meet the needs of the building itself, but also provide the scale perception and aesthetic feeling, and connect with people. Travel for me is a bridging connection to the world. 30 years ago, I had the privilege to be one of the first foreigners to travel twice along the ancient Silk Road, from China to Pakistan. Later, I published a photographic tour to document the impressions and experiences. This year, I plan on returning to this legendary route again. Do you want to revisit the Silk Road with me?

photo by Christian Schittich 拍摄于20世纪80年代中期

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